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Hanging Artwork

When I ask someone “why did you hang the art there” and their answer is “because there was already a nail there,” I have to laugh.  If I had a dime every time I heard that answer, I would be retired on a remote island somewhere exotic.  Here are some recommendations for hanging artwork and/or pictures.

Artwork usually should be hung at eye level, but not if you are six-three, if you are five-six.  The center of the art should be art should be five foot six inches off the floor.  There are exceptions to everything and hanging art is no different.

If you have a fireplace, above the mantle or the opening of the fireplace is usually a good spot for a piece of art.  Some times I will hang some things lower to make a more dramatic statement.  Also if you have several pieces of art, for example from a different country, those may be grouped together.  Groups of art should have something in common.

Artwork and family photos are not the same thing.   Family photos for the most part should be hung more in your private areas of your home not in the public areas.  Hallways are a great opportunity for a grouping of family photos as well as bedrooms.  Smaller framed family photos should be placed on tables or on bookcases in public areas, such a family room; they make the space more lived-in and human.

Many people hang their wedding photo over the fireplace or over the sofa.  If you have been married for over a year, you should relocate it to a private area of your home.

When hanging artwork over a sofa, do not center it height-wise between the back of the sofa and the ceiling.

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