Creative Interiors specializes in upscale residential decorating and
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New Home Purchase

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

New Home Purchase

A client and friend of mine just took advantage of the current Central Florida real estate market and purchased a new home in an upscale neighborhood.  She narrowed it down to four homes.  At that point she asked for my help to review the choices to assist her and her husband in choosing the space most suited for their family.  Knowing her lifestyle and her furniture pieces, I was able to help her envision how everything would fit in each of the rooms.

Before move in, we had the house painted.  We agreed on a color palette and, as often happens with the stress of everything involved in moving, there was a bit of anxiety as the job was completed.  When painting a home, the paint color looks different empty than it does with furniture and accessories.

After only three days, all of the furniture has been placed and 90% for the art and wall hangings are in place. It’s beautiful and the client and her family are thrilled.  And hopefully, I helped eliminate a lot of the stress the can be involved with a move.

Home Staging Creates Value

Sunday, June 6th, 2010

Home Staging Creates Value

There is a reason is it helpful to have furniture in a home that’s on the market. It allows the prospects looking at it to get an idea of the room sizes and how their furniture and belongings will fit if they purchase your home. Think about when you have toured a model home – the furniture fits the spaces. Smaller spaces have smaller furniture in to make the rooms appear larger.

If you have your own furniture in your home while showing it, you will want to de-clutter. Remove excessive knick knacks and minimize family photos. You may need to re-arrange the furniture or eliminate or replace some of the pieces to optimize the look you need to achieve.
If you don’t live in the home you are selling, you can rent furniture for staging purposes. Again, keep it simple and clean, limit the art work and knick knacks. We work with several companies in the Orlando area that rent furnishings for staging.

We can help you put together the best look for your house or condominium to help you get the most value from your sale. Call us about our basic home re-design staging service. We will spend up to two hours in your home and provide you with ideas, in writing, on how to give the space the appropriate “Wow” factor.

Welcome to Creative Interior’s Blog!

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Creative Interiors specializes in upscale residential decorating and “staging” for final home sales throughout the Orlando/Central Florida area.

Clients benefit from company president Pam Vaughn’s exceptional design knowledge, experience and her tremendous vendor resources who work directly with Creative Interiors.

Hanging Artwork

Monday, March 15th, 2010
When I ask someone “why did you hang the art there” and their answer is “because there was already a nail there,” I have to laugh.  If I had a dime every time I heard that answer, I would be retired on a remote island somewhere exotic.  Here are some recommendations for hanging artwork and/or pictures.

Artwork usually should be hung at eye level, but not if you are six-three, if you are five-six.  The center of the art should be art should be five foot six inches off the floor.  There are exceptions to everything and hanging art is no different.

If you have a fireplace, above the mantle or the opening of the fireplace is usually a good spot for a piece of art.  Some times I will hang some things lower to make a more dramatic statement.  Also if you have several pieces of art, for example from a different country, those may be grouped together.  Groups of art should have something in common.

Artwork and family photos are not the same thing.   Family photos for the most part should be hung more in your private areas of your home not in the public areas.  Hallways are a great opportunity for a grouping of family photos as well as bedrooms.  Smaller framed family photos should be placed on tables or on bookcases in public areas, such a family room; they make the space more lived-in and human.

Many people hang their wedding photo over the fireplace or over the sofa.  If you have been married for over a year, you should relocate it to a private area of your home.

When hanging artwork over a sofa, do not center it height-wise between the back of the sofa and the ceiling.

If you need help for any home design issues, feel free to call on me for help.

Choosing a Color Scheme for Your Home

Monday, March 15th, 2010

Color can give your home warmth, personality, create emotion and energy, it can be soothing, restful, powerful as well as being romantic, delicate and fragile.  Paint can give you all of these things for the least amount of money.

With the economy where it is today, we are all self conscious about the amount of dollars we are spending to improve our homes and living spaces.

One thing that you should remember when choosing a color is to choose a color that you like and can live with.  There is no reason to choose a color just because it happens to be popular at the time.  You and your family are the only ones living in these spaces and the colors should bring out your personality and reflect your taste.

Color Schemes

When I help a client with a color scheme, I always ask them if they are keeping the furniture they have or are they going to be replacing what they have.  If you are keeping existing pieces with patterned fabrics, we pull samples from that color palate.

It is a lot easier to choose paint color to match a certain fabric than the other way around. When the colors are chosen prior to the furniture or fabrics, your paint color may be off.  And what a difference the wrong color can make, even if it is just a minor shade off.

Dark vs. Light Wall Color

A lot of folks are afraid of dark colors thinking it is going to make the room look smaller.  If the room is really small to begin with, such as a small powder bath, it really doesn’t matter; if it is a very small space, why not make it dramatic?

By painting one wall with a darker accent color, it will push the wall back making the room look larger.  This is also a good idea for creating a focal point in a particular space.

Just remember you are the one living there, so enjoy it.